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We were founded in January 2008 for the growing need of the home user and small to medium sized business, to support in any way possible and supply anything from a floppy disk to a 1000+ node network.

We are a UK registered Limited computer support company, UK VAT registered and fully insured.

Simply Business Professional Indemnity Insurance

Simply Business Professional Indemnity Insurance

Public Liability : £1,000,000
Professional Indemnity : £50,000

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Home Users: The home user is generally at work all day, therefore never at home during normal working hours for a service engineer to visit and repair or upgrade their computer or take a look remotely at 'that funny pop up'. So GigaTech IT was formed to fill the gap between walking computer franchises who charge a lot of money and the 'I just need a piece of advice'. Service calls or remote support sessions can be arranged for just about any time day or night, so if you wanted to wait till you've put the kids to bed, no problem, or if you're working late (we probably are too!!) and something goes wrong, just give us a call or drop us an email. We know the importance of computers so when something like email stops working it is a big thing and always at the worst time, as a small local company we will be able to be there in a very short time often the same day, even after hours.

GigaTech IT prides its self on recommendations passed on by customer via word of mouth, with a large and growing client base consisting of home users to small and medium sized businesses. We are prepared to go that extra mile to provide you with the backup you deserve when you want IT. Our proven track record for success can be judged simply by the fact that we keep growing solely by the word of mouth (and a little help from google!).

Business Contracts: Since no two businesses are the same, we offer bespoke computer and network support services which are tailored to your company's individual requirements and needs. We aim to provide our clients with solutions which allow flexibility, growth and of course fit the budget. We appreciate that not all businesses operate from 9-5 and many work beyond the core business hours, that's why were on call to ensure the continued smooth running of your business and to minimise downtime.

Our office (based in Swanley) is open 9am-6pm but we also operate an out of hours maintenance service and maintain full 24/7 emergency support. If you need network infrastructure, a new server or even a single computer installing at the weekend to minimise disruption and company downtime, we will be there!

Investing in an computer IT and network systems is about the quality of the product and not about the most expensive or complex equipment, it is about being innovative and making the right choices for your business and selecting the correct components that will best suit your needs, but more importantly about finding the solution to help your business develop and ensure the best return on your computer and infrastructure investment. Whether you are already familiar with IT or a complete novice, we can give you solutions and answers you can trust and the confidence needed to take the next step, we will always be here waiting to assist in any way that we can.

From the initial site survey to an ongoing annual contract, we aim to put you first and are dedicated to offering you great customer service. We have no affiliation to one particular brand; our solutions are chosen solely to benefit you and the way in that you use your IT systems and infrastructure. We employ a proactive mentality, that is to say, we aim to identify problems before they impact on your business, with the use of remote access tools, could based services and other monitoring tools we usually know about backend issues before you do!

We offer our clients a 'complete IT support package' which means that you will deal with ONE company for all your IT needs, we will liaise with all of your 3rd party software and hardware vendors e.g. Sage, so that they don't start going all techno babble on you when things go wrong, that's what we are here for!! Honesty is an integral part of every job that we undertake. Here at GigaTech we make it our business to be as accountable as possible with regular meetings and updates on all projects, whether large or small, we are always upfront regarding cost implications and adhere to budgets and schedules. If you require the installation of a computer, server or any hardware, we can provide you with a fixed price, irrespective of the time required to complete the work. Our engineers are skilled problem solvers who thrive on developing original and well thought out systems that offer both cost-effective and cutting edge technology without cutting corners.

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) reinforces our commitment to exceptional customer support and, if we cannot meet your expectations, we will supply compensation.

This site also contains a growing number of support tools and self help walkthroughs in a nice and easy, step by step format with lots of screen shots, so you can see what you are meant to have on your computer screen. This part of the web site is password protected, please contact us for further information.

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